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seamless credit tends to increase average order value

More transactions

5+ a month

More customers tend to transact more times due to highly convenient checkout method

Less cost

completely digital

no collections overhead

seller benefit - Assured payments from buyers

Pan india credit ready network

  • Sellers can leverage ePayLater buyer network in mins And/or easily on-board their Existing network

  • Buyers can buy from a host of sellers across channels, categories, and without location constraints

seller benefit - Assured payments from buyers

Solving for trust, Seller/Buyer Protection

  • Payment assured by ePayLater

  • No payment obligation till shipment received

seller benefit - business solutions for sellers

And empowering them with business solutions

  • In-app Commerce

  • Vitual Credit Card

  • Credit on UPI

Seller Dashboard

One Login
Multiple Tools.

An agile solution for all your business needs.

Manage your inventory, orders, KPIs and much more, all from a single seller dashboard/space

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