With the city traffic always getting on your nerves and parking always being an issue, taking an Uber is the most convenient option. However, one thing that was missing from Uber was the facility to pay later. Sure, one can always make a payment with his/her credit card, but let’s admit it, no one has the time to enter lengthy card details and wait for OTPs for every single Uber ride.

So here’s something new that will make your Uber rides a breeze!

Now you can book your Uber rides and pay later at your convenience. You will no longer have to keep recharging your wallet and can enjoy the flexibility of riding multiple times and paying for all in one go. ePayLaters Ride Now, Pay Later solution, will let you take multiple rides and pay for all of them anytime in 14 days, interest-free.

So here’s how it will work.

If you are already signed up on ePayLater, you can just click on the link below (on your mobile) to complete your ePayLater setup on Uber.

Enable ePayLater on Uber Now →

Alternatively, you can download the ePayLater app or click here to signup and then follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Uber app and choose “Payment” from the menu

click on paymnt

2. Click on  
“Add Payment Method”

add payment method

3. Select 
UPI and click on “Link Existing Payment Address”

click on upi

link existing Method

4. Enter 
uber-epaylater.epl@idfcbank (make sure there are no blank spaces in the address) and click on “Save


5. Accept the Re.1 charge to authenticate your payment address.

This amount will be get refunded immediately after authentication.


And you are done!

Once set up, book your Uber rides as usual with ePayLater UPI as your preferred payment method.

After every ride, you will be able to see your charges on the ePayLater app. Pay individually or all at once in 14 days. You decide!

Some tips:

  1. Complete your signup process on ePayLater before proceeding
  2. Check that UPI payment option is available for you on Uber
  3. Do make sure that your registered number on ePayLater is the same as that on Uber

What makes the use of ePayLater more convenient and quick is that you no longer need to recharge your wallet repeatedly or enter lengthy card details. Just take your ride without any worry and pay at a later date with just a tap. ePayLater is here to make your Uber rides much more convenient.

Enable ePayLater on Uber to Ride Now & Pay Later!

Not yet signed up on ePayLater? Download the ePayLater app or visit ePayLater’s website and signup. Here is an article to help you get started: How to Sign Up for ePayLater?

Experience the power of true convenience!

Download the App

Download App



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