This National Pollution Control Day brings back the focus on the toxic air we breathe and how our collective health is at stake.

Air pollution has become a massive threat to public health and has reached alarming proportions. This invisible killer manifests itself in many forms – respiratory, cardiac and brain ailments.

More importantly, it’s challenging the most fundamental right of future generations – to breathe!

We at ePayLater have decided not to sit back and instead do our bit. In keeping with our core values, we believe the answer lies in innovative technology.

We are glad to share that we have collaborated with Shudhvayu Technologies and together we aim to do our small bit towards tackling the menace in an effective and economical manner.

National Pollution Control Day- ePayLater partners with Shudhvayu

The solution is an air purifier that can be fitted on car-roofs. It uses the unused kinetic energy of moving vehicles to clear the air it comes in contact with. It doesn’t require electric supply, unlike traditional purifiers, and is economical to procure and use.

Benefits of ShudhVayu Filter

  • Can be installed & dismantled easily
  • Has to simply affix on the roof of the car – does not affect the mileage of the vehicle
  • Does not use any power source, taps the kinetic energy of moving air on the car top

These purifiers are being fitted on tops of cars which travel across the city. The purifier traps pollutants and clears the air as the vehicle moves.

National Pollution Control Day - Shudhvayu filter

We hope that this initiative benefits the entire population of NCR. If all the public transport in NCR were to adopt these purifiers the air quality might improve rapidly. We are just one of the early contributors who believe that it is possible and want to contribute to this movement!


This National Pollution Control Day, come join the initiative to preserve your city’s air!

For more information on ShudhVayu Filter you can visit http://www.shudhvayu.com/au/ or contact 8750740000.


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