1. What is Buy Now Pay Later?

Buy Now Pay Later is a new payment option which lets you receive the goods first and pay later online. This is powered by ePayLater. You will be sent an invoice after delivery and you can make the payment later.

2. How is ePayLater different than Cash on Delivery?

When you use ePayLater, you do not have to pay cash at the time of delivery. You have 14 days free credit period within which you can make the payment. You will need to make the payment online. Currently we accept payment by NEFT.

3. Why should I choose Buy Now Pay Later?

3.1 There are quite a few benefits of choosing ePayLater.
3.2 It is simpler than other online payment methods which require OTP, redirection etc.
3.3 You can group your grocery payments together and pay once in 14 days.
3.4 If you are not at home, when our delivery boys come, you can instruct us to leave the goods with a neighbour without asking them to make a payment for you
3.5 You don’t have to handle cash – no issues with hunting for change

4. Is it similar to a credit card?

In some ways yes but in many ways not. What you are offered is convenience and security as opposed to a credit card. The credit period is only for 14 days as compared to 45 days in credit cards. We do not ask for lengthy documentation to verify income etc from you which is required by credit card companies.

5. What do I need to do to get ‘Buy now pay later’?

Absolutely nothing. Just checkout normally. If you qualify and the transaction is within your credit limit, you will see the ‘Buy now pay later’ option appear before you. We do some silent background checks and the button appears for customers who qualify for those checks. If you do not see this option, but you would like to use this please contact us at merchants@epaylater.in

6. How can I make the payment for the goods purchased?

You will receive an invoice by email and you can make payments through NEFT. It’s a secure method and only the first step of adding beneficiary requires entry of one time passwords as required by your bank. Subsequent payments are secure, smooth and even easier than your credit card payments.

7. Is there a late payment fee?

Yes, there is a late payment fee of Rs. 50 and an interest applicable on delayed payments. While we love to offer a convenient payment method for our customers, it is very important for us to get payments on time to manage our cash flow.

8. Do you access my CIBIL score?

ePayLater reserves the right to check your CIBIL score. It may or may not check CIBIL scores.

9. Can I settle my outstanding dues using cash?

Currently we do not support settlement of dues by cash.

10. Are there any hidden charges that I should be aware of?

None at all. We believe in transparency and convenience. There are absolutely no hidden charges.

If you have more queries, take a look at the Contact Us page.